B2B/B2C Solutions

Sell to other business or direct to consumer or both with the same, easy to use platform.

Pricing Segmentation

Provide unique pricing down to SKU level for specific Customer Group or Geographic regions.

Empower your business to grow sales.

Large Catalogs

Import large catalogs, brands, variations, related items and Bill of Materials with ease.


Lower Implementation and monthly cost for comparable other platforms with no transaction fees.

Easy to Use

No PhD required.  Easy to understand and use interface with 24/7 support included.

Account Management

You can establish corporate accounts with multiple tiers of buyers who have specific roles and permissions.

Custom Payment Options

Accept all B2B forms of payments with multicurrency functionality including Purchase Orders, Net and Custom options.


Have CRM, ERP, PIM, PRM, OMS?  No problem. Reduce costs by integrating BigCommerce with existing systems.

Realize the full potential of your B2B Business.

Online B2B sales growth doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Ecommerce to sell directly or a project configurator to prepare quote packages all with the latest tools to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. Product search by virtual technology, pictorial filtering or ‘fuzzy logic’ to Business Built payment methods. There is no reason for a business not to sell it’s products or services online.

If we can sell 400 Ton Haul Trucks to Blasting Equipment, we can sell your products as well!

Your Customers are getting younger every day.

You’re B2C if you resell to Consumers. Meet and exceed modern day Consumer expectations with an easy to use, affordable platform.  Fast, mobile ready and with the latest Search Engine Optimization.  

  • Easily integrate to Facebook Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Mercado Libre marketplaces.
  • Built in Marketing Tools
  • Abandoned Cart Notifications
  • Integrated UPS, FedEx and USPS shipping options
Open SaaS

Learn why BigCommerce Open SaaS is great for your business

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Through BigCommerce and CartFuze Academy, a wealth of information is available online 24/7.  Keep up-to-date on the latest trends as well as easy to understand guides and videos to keep your eCommerce platform performing its best.

BC for B2b

Features& Benefits of BigCommerce for B2B

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We are an advocate for our customers.  We listen and understand the challenges business face with decades of start-up to Fortune 500 experience.  Talk to us to learn why we are different.  

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