Informational Sites

If you're not using a modern website, using this will be just as effective.

93% Of Business Purchase Decisions Start with a Search Engine of Websites

Who Are You?

A great website is a MUST in today’s marketplace.  A website should represent the company’s brand and message as well as reputation.  Why? The consumer buying process has changed. These days most people do research about a product, business or service before they make the purchase. The brand and message are extremely important and not to be overlooked!

Make sure you hire the right company!

Obviously, it is important to always hire the right company, however, it is not always easy to do.  CartFuze utilizes the most up-to-date platform to build websites: Webflow. Optimized code to make sites very fast including mobile, which also helps make it the best for SEO.  Also, Webflow doesn’t require plugin’s, making for excellent reliability.  If your website is using WordPress or something similar…time to choose another company.

It's just an informational site!?

Turn your website from a billboard to an active lead generator

  • Expand into new markets
  • Sales Lead Generator
  • Expanded Online Customer Service
  • Lowest cost advertising
  • Your competitors are online
  • Online presence 24/7
  • Information Exchange, Blog
  • Credibility, builds trust
  • Consumer Insights, Learn about needs, preferences, etc.
  • Increase Enterprise Value

Track online traffic, understand user behavior, improve online advertising and help find your target audience.

Imperative to improve SEO.  Understand what users keywords are being used to find your site and which ones are most important.

Highly visible and improves local SEO.  Build trust with customers with online reviews and it’s free advertising!