Lead Generation

Fill your funnel without emptying your wallet.

Most traditional marketing is not effective  

Advertising fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) such as food & beverage, toiletries and short shelf items is significantly different from the vast majority of B2B andB2C products.  It should also come as no surprise that different advertising techniques are required to produce a true ROI.


The best for long term, cost effective marketing.  Organic search is 5x more effective than Pay Per Click (PPC).

Most Effective Marketing


People buy from people they like. Simple. Influencer marketing is the fastest growing advertising segment.


Find your customers on like-minded media in which commissions are based upon sales.

Social Media

True targeted marketing is very difficult and feedback is generic.

Choose Wisely.....

Email Campaigns

Great for existing clients, however not recommended for lead gen.


Ok for short term new product or site, however SEO is the way to go.

Make an

Sales are built upon relationships

Impact.com is the leading global partnership management platform.  Impact transforms the way enterprises discover and manage all types of partnerships — including affiliates, influencers, commerce content publishers, B2B, and more. In 2021, approximately 3.7 billion U.S. dollars were forecast to be spent on influencer marketing in the United States. This figure would mark an increase of 33 percent compared to 2020, with further growth anticipated for the future.  The reason…it works.

Get the most out of your partnerships across the entire lifecycle

Drive significant growth by managing and scaling all types of partnerships.  How? Impact.com Partnership Automation™. Masterfully orchestrate all forms of referral partnerships by automating actions through the unified framework of the partnership life cycle.

CartFuze. Proud Impact Agency Partner

CartFuze is proud to partner with Impact and in fact was its first 3rd party IT integrator.  Their powerful, purpose-built platform helps businesses to build authentic, enduring, and rewarding relationships with both publishers and consumers.   What if you could grow your partnership program two times faster and outpace your competitors by as much as 500% on key KPIs? Partnerships can do that — especially with Partnership Automation. Find out how a variety of partnerships, including influencers, affiliates, and beyond, can be managed throughout their life cycle on one, holistic platform

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