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Business process automation

Business Process Automation

Process Automation includes the integration of business systems and technology to reduce time and errors, ultimately reducing cost and improving customer satisfaction.  

Some examples include:

With automation comes the ability for data to become actionable in real-time. Management / Sales staff can review limitless individual and/or departmental KPI’s and metrics including:

Application & Software Development


Commission Calculations


Custom part search tools


Automated price updates


Slow moving inventory identification


Auto clearance sales


Target Sales Team lead gen, prospect identification

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ERP Integration services

Application Integrations Services

Seamlessly connecting a variety of on-premise and cloud apps to transform and orchestrate the data required for business workflows. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) allows your IT organization to automate business processes through near real-time communication between applications.

Some of the applications we connect include:

The benefits are numerous when integrating business systems.