D2C Solutions

Manufacturing direct or D2C solutions with Agents and Dealers in mind.


(or D2C)


A company that manufacturers and ships their products directly to buyers without relying on traditional stores or other middlemen

The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change

Did You Know?

CartFuze is the only IT company as a Manufacturing member with the Manufacturers Agents National Association?  Founded in 1947, MANA is North America’s largest association of manufacturers reps.  Jerry Leth and his team at MANA have a mission to educate, including how technology can support both manufacturers and its agents.  

D2C Benefits Everyone


  • Access to underserved territories
  • Direct consumer feedback
  • Single point for latest technical or sales data
  • More control of marketing / message


  • Product Content Management System
  • Full Sales & Commission visibility
  • Faster, easier, more accurate Dealer order entry
  • Reach and Qualify new dealers
  • Competitive intelligence data-stream


  • Very low cost eCommerce platform
  • Automated Product Updates
  • Access to new customers without violating territory agreements
  • Easy order entry
  • Consumer focused online shopping experience
  • Integrated AI marketing


The good news is D2C is an online business process, not a new technology.  Utilizing a proven B2B & B2C platform with a D2C business plan will provide benefits for all…especially your customers.

The D2C (direct-to-consumer) market has been growing rapidly, with double-digit rates for several years. It is projected to maintain a further 19.2% growth in 2021.


Check list for manufacturers wanting to pursue D2C

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Through BigCommerce and CartFuze Academy, a wealth of information is available online 24/7.  Keep up-to-date on the latest trends as well as easy to understand guides and videos to keep your eCommerce platform performing its best.

B2B to D2C

Step by step guide to grow your business through D2C

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