Gwinnett Chamber Chairman's Club

CartFuze is a proud member of The Chairman’s Club. Which represents businesses and individuals who have chosen to go the extra mile in their support for the Gwinnett Chamber and its mission to do so because they believe that the voice of business must be heard. They are also leaders in the community that invest time and money toward the job creation, quality of life, workforce development and marketing goals of the community’s economic and community development strategy.

Avalara Tax Solutions

Did you know that owners and officers are PERSONALLY responsible for sales tax? Sales tax is a large portion of states income, and with government spending increasing, the chances of being audited are significantly higher. CartFuze partnered with Avalara to ensure customers are tax compliant and audit proof.


CartFuze has partnered with Celero Commerce for access to B2B and D2C credit card processing. Celero has the savings, security, integration tools, the ease of use, and service you need, no matter what industry you serve. By utilizing Celero’s newest gateway, Connect, CartFuze can integrate payments and postings to your ERP/Accounting systems as well as give you access to other payment centric tools.

Bobby Dodd Institute

CartFuze is proud to partner with Bobby Dodd Institute to help support those with disabilities. Bobby Dodd Institute embraces people of differing abilities, to create a more inclusive community where each person’s unique strengths are empowered and employed.


Impact is the leading company in affiliate marketing! Impact works with companies like Microsoft, Walmart, and Chegg. Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Business is built on relationships, and affiliates build relationships for companies. CartFuze applies the same strategy Impact uses for a large company; however, we apply it to smaller businesses.

Manufacturers Agents National Association

CartFuze partnered with MANA to best reach and serve the manufacturing community. CartFuze partnership with MANA provides knowledge on the needs of the manufacturing community.

Jackson Chamber of Commerce

CartFuze is proud to be a member of the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce. Jackson County hosts some of the most prominent manufacturers in the United States. CartFuze looks forward to growing with Jackson County.