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CartFuze was created from necessity to improve multiple warehouses and distribution centers under management.  However, solutions did not exist to address our online needs in an easy to use, cost-effective way and without changing multiple platforms.  After nearly two years of development and testing with the best minds and companies in the business…a complete solution was created.  CartFuze  

Low cost. Reliable. Easy to use.

Specifically designed for manufacturers and distribution

Show Me The Money

We Get it.  Easy and intuitive part search, complex pricing, Parent to Child part relationships, “Also Known As”, Kits, instant Parcel and LTL freight quotes with up-to-date tax compliance.

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Stuff You Really Want

Good marketing extends beyond SEO and Marketing Campaigns.  Get the RIGHT customer to your site and nurture for significant growth.   Be an industry Leader with sustenance marketing!

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BPA, the Good Type

Leverage an eCommerce platform with BPA. Grow profit while reducing process errors, increase procedure consistency, compliance and automate marketing.  Endless possibilities.

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Happier Accountant

Don’t spend a fortune with limited proprietary systems. Use the industries best nonproprietary platform that works with existing ERP & CRM platforms.

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Yes, Experience Does Matter

Decades of Manufacturing and Distribution experience. Details Matter. We intimately understand the Sales – Warehouse/Fulfillment – Accounting/AP/AR relationships.  

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Our Valued Technology Partners

Proud Member Of The GMA

Founded in 2008 with the mission to support Georgia's manufacturing community, the GMA has provided the premier platform for manufacturing leaders to form strategic alliances, and share best business practices. CartFuze is proud to be the only eCommerce solutions company as a member of the GMA.

Our valued technology partners.